Скрипт передачи "Solomon's Palace" с Йо-чаном!

*Лунный свет*
Life's a journey, not a destination.
Спасибо, что есть такие замечательные иксо-поклонники, как purplexpride!
Теперь у нас тоже есть это сокровище.
К сожалению, кто был переводчиком с оригинального японского видео, история умалчивает. Но самое главное, перевод дошёл в целости. Вот он.
Пока не бечено и не переведено, делюсь изначальным текстом. Но обязательно всё будет)))
Luiren, ты сможешь сделать такие длинные сабы к видео, когда будет готов полный скрипт на русском?

Solomon's Palace

*starting, a soldier*

To everyone's knowledge, there is a secret palace in this world, it includes mysteries and secretcy (how do you spell that word?)... welcome to Solomon's Palace.

*show starts*
*Camera cuts to airport*

Standing on the top of the Japanese Music Pyramid, he finally returnedt from LA after so many years. The place where he arrived, it has been filled with tear-stricken fans.
He is from the legendary band---- X Japan's Yoshiki.
Tonight's show, he will talk about the band's break up and close friend hide's death; recent activities, Aichi Expo's opening, and then we'll introduce the mansion in LA, and publicise his private life; the Hollywood celebrities surrouding him.... and the legend of his unimaginable talent in music making.

In the Japanese Music World, they have produced one miracle after another, last century's rock bank X Japan, its leader, the God like Yoshiki is our main focus today.
Band's break up, close friend's death.... Yoshiki grew up after experiencing all these pain, he lives again in the music world.
Not only is he an artist, but he also his boss face, not only does he have his basics, he holds eyes that could conquer the world, changing music in the world. Today, let us feel his new beginning.

*camera cuts to airport*

Fans have all been waiting for this moment, Japanese rock world's God, after such a long period, he finally makes his way back. This is a huge news, the airport is filled with unusual passion.

*Aichi Expo Opening*

Everyone wants to go to Aichi Expo's actual ceremony, when the symphonic sound rings out on stage, as the conductor, he is the Japan born genius Yoshiki

*X Japan Live Shot*

X Japan was born in 1982 under the name 'X', using its unique music and visual sense, it has created many legends.
From the beginning they have broken the million record for their albums, the number of CDs sold have exceeded 210 million copies.
Using passionate yet beautiful melody, it has enslaved fans' hearts. They're the first ones to perform 3 days in a row in Tokyo Dome, the total people attended was more than 150 thousand people, they have engraced X Japan's name into music history.
Most of the band's songs were composed by Yoshiki, and being the leader, he has been the center of attention even more, many magazine have had Yoshiki's face as their cover.

*Yoshiki Drum Solo Shot*

He can present a shocking drum solo of more than 800 beats per minute. And, due to his emotions, the actions of trashing his drums were new and shocking to the press.
He puts all his attention during lives, sometimes even reaching beyond super human strength and indurence. Using all his energy, high fatigue level, and because of this, fainting on the stage....

*Shot of Yoshiki being carried backstage*

The Yoshiki that was carried backstage, this is a musician that fights his body to the limit to continue on his performance.

*Shot of Yoshiki talking*

Y: With every Live, I know my body is getting weaker and weaker, it has gotten to that 'you never know when it's going to fall and never stand up again' stage.

*Shot of Yoshiki performing*

At the same time, Yoshiki has started other activities aside from X Japan.
In the 70s-80s, the world renowned rock band Queen's drummer Roger Taylor, has added Yoshiki's performance into his own album.
Also, another remarkable fact is that Yoshiki has started his talent in classical music even since a young age. And has produced 4 classical music album, and has made a record of more than 300 000 of albums sold, this type of music has been engraved by Yoshiki's legend as well.

*Shot of 99's Emperor Ceremony*

This is the 10th music ceremony for the Emporer, Yoshiki has demonstrated undeniable talent in front of the royalties, totally proving that he is the musician that reprents Japan.

*02 X Japan Film Gig Live*

At the same time as his multi-sided activities, more and more people have been praising him. This is a Film Concert, even here has captured that super fan of Yoshiki's figure. Yes, this is the Prime Minister Koizumi.

*Koizumi Talking Shot*

K: He (Yoshiki) is filled with life, a sort of combusting energy. Inside, even if there's uncertainty, it has to fight. It must be Yoshiki's attitude like this that has touched me.

*97 News Report*

But, X Japan suddenly announced its break up. The last legend would be The Last Live's 52000 tickets being sold out in 2 minutes.

*Last Live Shot*

Yoshiki attended The Last Live with mixed emotions, vocalist Toshi suddenly announced his departure from the band, causing X Japan's break up.

*Yoshiki's Talking Shot*

Q: Were you mad at Toshi for that?
Y: Yes, it was like that. Performing together with a member that has already left, it has such a painful feeling. I didn't want to do it (The Last Live), but this is a response to fans, so this Live was a must.

*Forever Love- Last Live Performance Shot*

To have this sort of thought, is because of the betrayal of Toshi, whom was with him ever since kindergarten and throughout the entire musical life. However, this feeling changed little by little with The Last Live's music. When the Live was almost finished... *shot of Yoshiki and Toshi hugging* They could be said as making the best music ever together.

*Shot of Yoshiki talking*

Y: No matter what happens, he (Toshi) grew up with me. In my eyes, other than a vocalist, he's also my friend from kindergarten, this point is the more important one.

Q: Who are you most comfortable with?

A: Um, it has always been hide. Before, the house in LA, there was a very deep swimming pool, when we'd have a barbeque, I would push hide down, he looked like he didn't know how to swim.... maybe, his actions could be counted as swimming... when he's half drowned, I'd pull him back up again. *laughs*

*Last Live Performance Shot*

To Yoshiki, hide is someone that no one can replace formally and emotionally. But a year after the break up of the band, hide suddenly waved goodbye to the world.

*Shot of hide's Funeral*

hide's leave was not only a huge news to the fans, but was even a shocking news to Japan as a whole. There were more than 50 000 people with flowers, the line up went on and on. There were crying of shock and disbelief everywhere.

*Shot of Yoshiki Talking*

Y: I thought it was a joke, until I got on the plane and saw the news on the newspaper did I realize that it was real. Suddenly, tears came out.

Q: When you saw hide's body, how did you feel?

Y:................................ *long silence, looks ready to cry, shakes his head* I don't know. (Okay... seriously... I hate comments, but this f*cking a*shole!!!! How can he ask something like that? How the shit do you think he felt?)

*Shot of hide's Funeral*

The death of not only a bandmate, but also a close friend, hide's death, is a sadness that we could never imagine.

*Shot of LA*

From that day on, Yoshiki's figure disappeared from all stages, these years, he has been living in LA in silence.

*Shot of LA*
US Los Angeles.
The city that has many artists being born every single day. The street filled with mansions and rich people. This is a city where all the successful men gather. Yoshiki lives here now.
Tonight, we would specially introduce Yoshiki's house.

*Shot of Yoshiki's House*

The front door opens, we don't see the house, but it's filled with an unimaginable large field.
The car passed through a lush, green road, a wide ramp like road appears before our eyes.
A building that's made out of white, this is Yoshiki's mansion.
The pure white of the buidling unconsciously pulls us to be more eager about the inside.
Opening the door, a white world enters our eyes, it's a perfect and elegant contrast to the black furniture. The large full length window is for gathering much sunlight, across the windows is a beautiful garden.
Walking into the garden, it is filled with beautifully blooming flowers, actually, these are all roses.
This is a very exciting design, it allows you to admire these roses no matter where you sit inside the house.
Playing the piano with the companion of these beautiful roses, this is the same as our last impression of Yoshiki. Probably, many of the famous songs were produced here in this elegant atmosphere.
The spacious space allows many rooms.
This is the main living room. The sun shines down from the foor, an exotic foreign mood appears in front of our eyes.
With a wind of western country, luxuriously enjoying time. This swimming pool is Yoshiki's favorite place, lying here to look up at LA's blue sky, breathing in fresh air.
This mansion has not been cooridnated by only a desinger, but an architect as well. From these designs, Yoshiki's balance must have been light.
The restaurant like staircase leads up to Yoshiki's bedroom.
We'd visit aferwards.

*Airport Shot*

The long missed person has returned from LA. To have a glance at the most beloved Yoshiki, many thousands of fans gathered at the airport.

*Interview Shot*

Y: Many many things have happened, and after hide's thing, during this time, fans have been able to support me even 'till now, so I'm hoping to create more music with a feeling of gratitude.

*Shot of Different Interview*

This time Yoshiki has been made the composer of Aichi Expo's opening, and has produced the song 'I'll Be Your Love'.
This song will be presented at the opening ceremony.
The orcheastra is composed of world's top musicians, and of course, the conductor is Yoshiki.

*Shot of Opening Ceremony*

Let us look at the orcheastra's skills, a never before seen shocking energy rang through the place. The music production and condcutor is Wawatari Hiroshi-san. Wawatari-san is someone that's lively in Europe, someone that has gained the recognition as one of the most prestige conductors in Japan.

*Shot of Yoshiki looking at practice*

Y: Everyone's so good.
S: Because they're all wonderful performers. Using baseball as a metaphor, then they'd be an all star team.
Y: Everyone's skill is so good.
S: Yes, many top notch performers have gathered. Because the conductor cannot produce by himself, so he needs to calm everyone's nerves, let them perform with a good attitude is the most important thing.

*Shot of Yoshiki practicing*

After listening to Wawatari-san's advice, he started practicing.
Performing together with a group of world famous performers, to Yoshiki this is a chance as well as a challenge.
His role is to bring about calm for the perfomers but his actions were more awkward than other people, the uncertain hands gave us a thread like feeling of weakness.

Y: Because it's still during the rehearsal stage so I cannot hear all the sounds, I can only do this according to feeling on the music sheet.
Y: What do you think?

*Shot of Yoshiki Watching VTR of Rehearsal*

Yoshiki is more worried about the announcement of all the nations during the performance. The announcer's sound was louder than imagined, thus at that moment the performance would be covered up.

Y: Yes, because of the announcement we have to increase the song's loudness. We still have to practice more, even if I don't want to pull an all nighters, I don't have any other choice.
S: Because there's still mistakes, so we need to correct them.
Y: Ah, sorry.

Yet again, before tomorrow's rehearsal the music sheet needs to be changed, for Yoshiki, whom cannot find an easier way out, this looks like another long night.

Early morning, Yoshiki started off from the hotel, did he even have time to sleep?

*Shot of Inside the Car*

Y: I couldn't sleep, I'm afraid that I wouldn't be able to sleep this week. It's very hard, this torture of spirit.

And as he was speaking, he opened up the music sheets and started practicing in the car, throwing fatigue aside. Using this limited time he went over the music sheets again and again carefully. This is the attitude of someone that has thrown everything into music.

Following this, the last practice before the show started.
On stage it is a different, fresh, and filled with energy conductor Yoshiki.

*Shot of Yoshiki Finishing Rehearsal*

Y: I have that feeling already, I'm beginning to grasp it.

*Shot of Yoshiki Backstage*

Y: I hope it can touch everyone.
Y: Even though it's a very mellow music, but there're many places that have added power into them.
Y: Because it's open hand conducting, so sometimes I'll over do it *does a movement* like this.... it's not so, right? *laughs*

Looking at this smile, as if all the problems have been solved, waiting for tomorrow with this confident expression.

*Aichi Expo Opening Ceremony*

The century's classic finally came, Aichi Expo is finally here. Different nations' flag came in wrapped in Yoshiki's gentle music.

*Shot of Yoshiki Conducting*

Even though he doesn't have a stick, but he owns the attitude of a conductor.
His finger tips radiated a different sort of color by being a pianist.
A balance between action and quietness. That mesmerizing actions are the same as X Japan's music, the entire performance has rid of Yoshiki's rock soul.

*Song Ends*

The entire world is clapping for his talent.

Next we will publicize Yoshiki's recording studio, the same place where Michael Jackson has recorded before. The secrets it owns.
And then is the mansion's second floor, the first touch at his private space. In this secret filled room, attractive combinations, we will understand Yoshiki's everything.

*Shot of Interview*

After finishing the mission during Aichi Expo, Yoshiki never rested, but continued on without stopping.
Today's first thing is a magazine interview.
After the performance he started watching his own interview VTR, he's probably not focusing on his opinions, but on the performance shorts in the VTR.

Y: Added in some fading affects for more power.
Y: Don't have to show me again tonight.

*Shot of Interview*
Without a breathing time, he went forward to SpainZaka, this is a radio show.
To the fans, this is the Yoshiki that they've been waiting for.
The tears that have been held back fell with the first glance at him.

*Shot of Car*

Today is a day on the road, work is still not finished when night came, we're now going to the recording studio.

*Shot of TRAX MV*

A group of 4 Koreans formed TRAX, because of their aspiring talent, he became the producer.

*Shot of Recording Studio*

This could also be said as his own return to the origin of rock.

Y: Like before, right now in Japan, rock and pop's line has been ereased, so the line must be drawn again. Adding poison here, and adding more poison, this is my opinion and thought.


Finishing Japan's most prestige stage work, Yoshiki returned to LA.

*Some guy appears*

G: *talking on phone* Ah, then I'd be troubling you. Thank you! *hangs up phone* Wonderful! Finally signed a contract with the company! *laughs* After the VR band X has disbanded for 2 years, I will finally have my own solo. Where should I record? Of course the same place as Yoshiki--- LA. Under LA's blue recording studio, everything should be fine! We cannot wait anymore, go immediately!

*Shot of Yoshiki in Recording Studio*

We are following Yoshiki's actions in LA, what is this place?
Yoshiki's entering a building without any windows, this is actually the recording studio.
On the wall, there hangs X Japan's CD.
This place has gave birth to many songs that turned Japan upside down.
And others like Michael Jackson, KISS, Metallica and other worldly artists have had their music born here as well.
The most shocking news is that now this recording studio is Yoshiki's alone. This widely desired recording studio has been bought by him alone.

*Shot of Recording Studio*

This entire recording studio has been dyed due to Yoshiki's orders.
This is originally a light brown colored equipments, but they have been dyed to black due to his liking.
Within sight, all of Yoshiki's equipments are of the color black.
The piano and drum in the recording studio are of high quality. One thing we should mention, is this piano that has been bought using 20 million yen, this was owned by the Carnegie Hall that hosted Tchaikovsky and Beatles' performances, it definitely is a museum sized high rank item.

This is the storage room. These row upon row of equipment and musical instruments have been collected by Yoshiki's likings.
Even though they're all very good equipments, but they're not for anyone to see especially, but they're a representation of his interest in continuing music.
The one that attracts the most attention is this wooden synthesizer. This is any music expert's dream. This is the synthesizer that has been used in the 70s by the rock band Pink Floyd.
Here gathers world's collection pieces from old to new, they're kept for Yoshiki's high standard music producing.

Yoshiki is starting to work in this studio.

Q: What are we going to do?
Y: "Mary Mona Lia", I'll get the CD.

The CD's title is of Violet UK.

*Shot of VUK PV*

This is Yoshiki's collective work after many years, a project that has been made standing on the tip of the world.

Y: The things that can be reached outside of Japan, the things that haven't been done by X Japan, will be done by VUK.

*Staff Member*

(English part.... I don't need to translate this... do I?)

What is VUK, we will reveal it to you later.

*Yoshiki's Mansion*

You have waited long for this, next, welcome to Yoshiki's second floor of his own mansion. This is the first time that Yoshiki has publicized his private space.
The first thing that enters our eyes is a room designed for the body. Here (the massage bed) will be relaxing the body with a masseuse.
Next is the work out room. In here, he strengthens a body that has not stopped hurting since X Japan. Word has it that if he enters this room, if it's not 2, 3 hours, he would not exist.
This is a work room that fans have never seen before. This a place where conversations between a genius thinker and music God take place in order to produce music. Yoshiki will write songs and lyrics in here, from here he has presented many songs to the world.
This is room is also coordinated using black and white, it's a place where music buddies and work buddies come to visit.
The large room we see from the balcony is Yoshiki's bedroom. It's still an atmosphere filled with black and white. This room is an air of simplicity.
The bed's opposite side is filled with mirrors. What's behind this door? In truth, it's the bathroom. High class, royalty like design. This design is Yoshiki's idea as well. One can take a bath and enjoy the sun at the same time, it's a very high point.
As night comes, the countless illuminations present an indescribable rich feeling.

On the ramp parks Yoshiki's car, looks like he has returned from his work.
He immediately introduces his favorite spot in the mansion.
This is the large hot spring like swimming pool in the garden. The favorite point is not its size, but the design of a western relaxation.
This is a design that is a must to Yoshiki, please enjoy.
With the changing of the light, the water in the pool will change color as well.

Y: Originally, this pool has many more fun effects. The swimming pool's base can move, the height difference is about 30cm or so. Water can slowly glide over to one side, and exposes the other side.
Q: But, a difference of 30cm is impossile, isn't it?
Y: This is kinda crazy.
Q: When do you come here?
Y: Morning... or when drunk.
Q: When drunk? *laughs*
Y: Feels as if it's a luxurious bath.

On the other side of the swimming pool is a white garden with a hot spring bath that can also enjoy the starry nigh view. This luxurious bath is to let Yoshiki relax, and...
Y: Sometimes I'd push people in. *laugh*

Yoshiki likes to have parties with friends in this garden. What are Yoshiki's friends like?

Suddenly a guest, his friend comes over.

*Movie Shot*
Rober Diwie, he has appeared in Bruce Willis's movie 'Die Heart', he is a famous actor.

*Shot back to the house*

He lives near Yoshiki and has a good friendship with Yoshiki, he comes over to visit often.


He has lived in LA for near 10 years. Nowadays, many people come with what's viewed as 'new' products to visit. To Yoshiki, these probably are the most precious.


Yoshiki seems to be going out. Luxurious speed, driving at full speed on this mountain course, going to a secret members only club. This is a real high class world that we do not understand. Later we will reveal to you his shocking friends.

*Shot of Yoshiki going into garage*

Yoshiki seems to be going out. There're three high class cars in the garage, this is his own three favorite cars, they're all black convertibles.

Q: Are most of Yoshiki's cars black?
Y: Because I like black.

*Shot of Car*

Based on that day's feeling, he'd choose one of the three cars to drive.

This is Benz SL 500 Brabus. The car's main point is its undisputable speed.

This is Ferarri F355 Berlinetta. This is a Ferrarai that'd let anyone enjoy its speed.

And then it's Yoshiki's favorite car--- Farrari 360 Challenge Stradale. It's a best in its appearance and mechanics, and has a plate of 'Ferrari F1 World Champion 1999-2003'. The engine is an engire used in in F1, one can fully enjoy the feeling of this engine. The selling price is more than 20 million yen.

*Yoshiki in car*

Driving the Ferrari towards a point.

Y: I like to drive to the full speed, let us break the rules once. *laughs*

Saying that this is equipped with a horsepower used during a race, the car speeds up. A feeling of speed that normal cars cannot experience.

Y: It's not the accelerating point yet.

Driving around is a stress release choice for Yoshiki. He can relieve his stress about his work when driving.

Y: Because I like music very much, so I'm always thinking about how to contine it. From a normal point of view, people feel that my recording sessions have gone to an abnormal stage. It does not match the time that it has taken. Normally, they say once you've spent some time on it, you'd get a result, it's different from making music. I've bumped into walls many times, feels really tired.

The beautiful melodies presented to the world is a product of his painful life. Can LA's wind heal his soul? Next stop is a place where he can build up the energy needed for tomorrow. The car stopped near the shoreline of Santa Monica. (Note, correct me if I'm wrong, I do believe this is where half of hide-sama's ash was spread)
Yoshiki's an urban person, so it contrasts with the nature somewhat.

Q: Do you always go visit the nature?
Y: Yes, very much. I'm a child of the nature.
Q: Have you been to an ocean shoreline?
Y: Ocean gave me life and let me grow up, Tateyama Chiba's ocean raised me up. I like it very much, to come beside an ocean. The sea's impression was probably what influenced me, and present its many stages into my music to express it. Aside, it is also a rememberance of Tateyama Chiba, no matter where I'd look towards the ocean.

Right now, what can Yoshiki absorb from the ocean's breath and mellow sound, what sort of music is he playing inside his mind?

*Nightview of Mountain Village*

This is Bebali (Please correct me, I know this is probably wrong) Mountain Village, where all the world's successful people gather. In a very rich atmosphere filled balcony, Yoshiki's figue appears.

Y: I always come here, to eat, yes.

He always come to this restaurant, this is a members only LA Ground Banana House of Cigars. This is a club that's only open to Hollywood stars. Yoshiki has a party with his friends tonight, Hollywood's successes have all gathered here.


JC is one of the most influencial group- N'sync's member. They released their album in 2000, and sold 2.4 million copies in the first week, and totally shattered the records made by Backstreet Boys.


He is the producer for N'sync, his girlfriend is a lively R&B singer in Europe.


Due to this kind of connection with such successful ones, producing another success.


Next day at 9am, Yoshiki entered his office.
Yes, this is Yoshiki's 10 year production--- VUK continues on normally.
What sort of a production is this? We will reveal it to you shortly.

*Shot of Yoshiki*

Nine in the morning, Yoshiki entered his own office, and then started playing the piano immediately, letting the female vocalist sing.
Actually, this is a daily occurence for Yoshiki's project VUK. Today is to test whether this female vocalist fits this content or not.

*Shot of Yoshiki Playing the Piano*


The lesson is finished, and now using recording to test this vocalist's skil.


Using stern voice, Yoshiki gives out orders, he has expectations for himself as well. Surpassing the sounds made from yesterday, a classic music made over 10 years.

*Sound Enginner Doc Night*


*Shot of Yoshiki*

Q: Why did this project take 10 years?
Y: Time just went on without anyone's noticing. And there're parts where I don't understand and many restarts over the year. Also, hide's death or X Japan's break up, many things are stops along the way. Sometimes I felt down, sometimes I wanted to give up music, instead, I've reached this stage in all these things. Maybe it really needs this long of a time. To say X is a legend myself is too strange, but it's the truth. To do this (VUK) is to surpass X. Um, like that.

*Shot of the Solider at the beginning of the Show*

Not letting the past drown him, not satisfied with a peaceful life, holding the flow of time to him preciously, this talented person said:

"Rather than spending 10 years of peace, I prefere choosing an hour of splendid brilliance, even if life can go through Samsara, I still only want to live in the present, surpassing my own goal.--- Yoshiki

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Life's a journey, not a destination.
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But for him, his existence, the very fact that he is living, is like a promise. (с) Gackt
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But for him, his existence, the very fact that he is living, is like a promise. (с) Gackt
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Boku no Gisho
But for him, his existence, the very fact that he is living, is like a promise. (с) Gackt
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Я не грустный, я сложный. Девчонкам это нравится.|| iMudac
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Lost Illusionist, гомэн, иногда я очень торможу с просмотром комментариев ^^"
Почему бы и нет?)) Чем вам помочь? Могу вычитать твой перевод. Я его видела у френдов в репостах, но это уже порядком давно было. Можно ссылочку?

Отдельно хочу сказать про перевод. Гишо когда-то и о нём меня просила. Я сначала было заинтересовалась - столько раз мы смотрели "Соломон палас" и не знали, о чём в ней рассказывается. Но когда я в итоге добыла этот скрипт и прочитала весь, поняла, что мы практически всё знаем, о чём там шла речь. За исключением небольших интересных моментов, которые во многом переводила Мика (сразу видно - старый фанат, знает, ЧТО нужно переводить из самого вкусного). Поэтому ко мне так и не пришло вдохновение перевести эту простыню. И поэтому же спасибо тебе за то, что героически это сделала))


Эхо неведомых созвучий...